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Hunter Plant MachinesCompliant machines ready to work from delivery

Hunter Plant Hire owns and manages a diverse fleet of specialised heavy plant equipment. The combination of our well-maintained excavators, dump trucks, dozers, loading shovels and other equipment together with our expert, motivated team enables us to approach each project with efficiency, safety and reliability. All the while, we’re mindful of our environmental responsibility.

Quality Equipment

With Hunter Plant Hire, there’s no need to shop around to find all the machines you need to complete your project. You’ll find what you need in our fleet: Our comprehensive offerings allow you to simplify your approach so you can get to work faster.

Fleet Investment

We’re constantly improving and updating our offerings to meet customers’ specific project requirements. All our machines are manufactured within the last three years, and are made by trusted names in the heavy plant industry. Each plant goes through a rigorous pre-delivery inspection, ensuring it is in the best possible condition when it gets to you. This means your operations can proceed uninterrupted by delays caused by antiquated or faulty equipment. With Hunter Plant Hire, you know you’re getting the best, most up-to-date machines possible.

Service and maintenance

Our machines and attachments are regularly serviced in-house. We also schedule services on-site or at our service depot. Should you need infield service, our quick response time and 24/7 availability ensure your production delays are kept at a minimum.


If you desire additional security for your machines, we do offer security systems for a small additional charge. The systems are monitored round the clock and include satellite tracking and key pad immobilisers. Choosing this option typically reduces your hired-in plant insurance.


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