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Hunter Plant OperatorsDelivering superior reliability and productivity to your projects

In addition to meeting all your plant hire requirements, Hunter Plant Hire can provide a skilled crew of machine operators. Our team of operators comprises only the best people: they have completed rigorous training (including CPCS training), they have demonstrated machine proficiency, and they have shown they are dedicated workers who can stand behind the mission of this company. This means they are not only efficient and productive, but also knowledgeable about the best ways to avoid on-the-job accidents and improve the general health and safety of the work site.


All our operators have at least 3 years of experience on construction projects.


Hunter Plant Hire provides training courses to keep its operators current with H&S, environmental and quality standards.

Qualified for your works

Hunter Plant Hire can provide operators with qualifications such as PTS and LUL to meet your project needs.

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