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QualityBecoming your first choice through first class service


We will aim to satisfy our customers by making quality paramount in all that we do and becoming their first choice through teamwork, with everyone acting together in the best interests of the customer and the company.

Continual improvement is essential to establish and maintain world-class performance on quality, service and cost. Everyone within HPH is responsible for improving their work and for sharing those improvements with others whose work can benefit from them.

We aim to achieve our objectives through teamwork founded on our values of integrity, reliability and innovation. This is not limited to one project, function or company but means that we all work together with and in the interests of customers, employees and suppliers to form mutually beneficial working relationships.

Quality systems are maintained to satisfy all customers, regulatory and legal requirements and to obtain certification to ISO9001:2000.

Top management at HPH is committed to communicating, implementing and maintaining this policy, the Integrated Management system and associated customer and regulatory body requirements throughout all levels of the organisation.

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