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EnvironmentalWe have systems in place for your peace of mind

Hunter Plant Hire Ltd maintains a long term commitment to supporting the environment as much as possible In all Hunter Plant Hire contracts, environmental impact is limited as much as possible reflecting our commitment to good environmental practice. Pollution prevention, identification and compliance with all legislative requirements is fundamental to our ethos.

Efficient Machinery

We have taken delivery of the UK's first Caterpillar 320E(which can be seen on the YouTube video) low emission excavator and 329E that claims Stage IIIB (Interim Tier 4) emission standards. The Caterpillar 320E is the only 21 tonne class excavator in the UK that meets Stage IIIB emission standards and the 329E is the 30 tonne class. Following this are further deliveries of the 312E 13t excavator, 308E 9t excavator and 302.4D along with the Komatsu Hybrid, Hitachi eco and Hyundai 380lc-9A which both meet the same emission standards.

Bio-degradable Hydraulic Oil

We can convert our machines to use Bio Oil at our customers request, this is need in sensitive sites such as Environment Agency works, harbour or sea defence. All machinery that has Bio Oil will be clearly labelled.


A recycling policy is now in place where we try to recycle as much of our waste as possible. This includes everything from paper in the office, to oil and materials in the workshop. We have set ourselves a target to reduce waste by 60% by 2012 through raising staff awareness and putting facilities in place to recycle more.

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs)

We now offer diesel particulate filters to our plant. These can be fitted to all machines, come standard in Caterpillar 8 Tonne and above machines, and comply with stage IIIB emission standards. Once a Particulate Filter has been fitted, they reduce the amount of Particulate Matter emitted by up to 90%, ensuring the machinery they are using is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Spill Kits

All Hunter Plant Hire Machines are equipped with spill kits for any hydraulic leaks that may occur to reduce the impact of hazardous waste on the environment.

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